AOK Consulting & Education
Welcome to our website !!!  We are pleased to offer our services to be your strategic learning partner.
AOK Consulting & Education combines resource and process consultancy to provide organic change for its client organizations instead of the traditional mechanistic change.

Our flagship seminar, Value Analysis/Value Engineering: The Blueprint for Operational Excellence, will equip your organization with the critical knowledge to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, because those that adopt value-based management as a mindset outperform their peers.  We welcome your request for our pro bono 60-minutes preview of our VA seminar.

AOK also provides timely and valuable seminars on Fundamentals of Purchasing & Supply Management as well as Supply Management Excellence.

We look forward to the opportunity of joining you in your competence-building process by deploying our value proposition of developing value-minded employees capable of delivering ace performance at the least cost in resources.

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