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VALUE ANALYSIS/VALUE ENGINEERING: The Blueprint for Operational Excellence

The purpose of the Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE) seminar is to provide an opportunity for managerial human resources development in problem-solving and decision-making. VA/VE is a change management tool that enables organizations to achieve the required function at the lowest overall cost in resources. It is a pragmatic approach to make things better. The power of VA/VE is in its unique dual ability to achieve performance improvement and cost-effectiveness.  Read More (VA)

Fundamentals of Purchasing & Supply Management

Good solutions start with mastering the fundamentals.

In just four days, your new buyers will acquire the basic skills and knowledge that will help them understand the nature and role of purchasing in the modern organization; gain greater familiarity with the various methods of procurement and supplier management; win at purchasing negotiations; handle the ethical and legal aspects of purchasing; apply analytical tools to improve operations and reduce costs; and manage time more effectively.

Core competency in the Fundamentals of Purchasing & Supply Management will be the basis of your people’s success and competitive advantage of your organization.

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Supply Management Excellence

In times of uncertainty and challenging economic conditions, organizations resort to cost reduction programs and even worse, to austerity programs, as their coping mechanisms. Yet, cost reduction is a repulsive term and nobody wants to be reduced. Merely proposing a cost reduction program portends an era of austerity. Belt-tightening and karate chops of austerity programs are cost reduction the expensive way as this could lead to a loss of customers and market share as well as experienced staff. By contrast, value-minded supply management executives think strategy, not just cost savings. Organizations that strive for supply management excellence try to manage costs to achieve customer value and practice as their corporate culture “maximum value-for-money.”

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