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VALUE ANALYSIS: The Blueprint for Operational Excellence

What is unique about AOK’s Value Analysis program is that it integrates the principles of Value Analysis with Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Project Management, Business Process Reengineering, TQM, QFD, and SCM based on the whole-system thinking.  Value Analysis is a system designed to improve the bottom-line (desired results) of the organization either through savings resulting from reduced costs, or from boosting sales by increasing customer satisfaction.

Value Analysis is not a panacea for all management problems; it is only one of the methods by which management can be improved. There are, however, some compelling reasons why efforts to make management more effective should focus attention on the VA approach:

  • VA's greatest advantage is its relative simplicity and apparent commonsensical approach.
  • VA is a creative problem solving and effective decision making technique that can be applied at all levels of management.
  • VA is a powerful instrument for organizational development to lead and manage change.
Program Outline

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